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Therapy for Family Members of Someone Struggling With Substance Abuse

Family members of an individual struggling with substance abuse issues face a number of challenging dilemmas. How much support is too much support? How does the family work to be healthy despite this individual struggling with substances? How do we handle the life stress of knowing someone we love isn't able to be fully engaged and present in our lives? 

Counseling can help individuals in a relationship with someone who struggles with addiction receive emotional support and practical strategies for finding a path forward. 

You having support is important to0

Our therapists are here to give you space to take care of yourself and others

It's easy for the focus of the family to be on helping the individual struggling with addiction, but the longer the addiction issues go on, the longer all family members end up enduring stress and emotional challenges. Our therapists are ready to support you as you continue to face dilemmas and challenges that loving someone with a substance use issue causes. You being healthy is an important part of giving your family member a chance to become a healthier version of themselves. Don't wait to connect with one of our therapists and start receiving the support you need to help yourself and other family members move forward in a healthy way. 

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