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Help me choose the right counseling service. 

Therapy has evolved and we pride ourselves in offering services to meet a variety of needs relevant to the modern therapy client. 

100% Virtual Counseling Services

Therapy from the comfort of your home or a comfortable confidential space. We know that therapy would not be possible for some clients without this option and love offering it to meet the unique needs of the current therapy client. 

Evening and Weekend Availability

Some of our therapists help meet the diverse needs of clients by offering evening or weekend availability. Daytime counseling hours are also available at our counseling practice. 

Traditional Model of Counseling Services

Weekly or bi-weekly sessions with your Clinician to help you process life as it is occurring. You get consistent, steady support from our counselors. 

Intensive Model of Counseling Services

Therapy occurring in longer periods of time over the same day or consecutive days to accomplish a lot of therapy work in a shorter time frame. If there is a focused area you would like to make progress (ex: a single traumatic incident or upcoming challenge) intensives allow you to set aside time to resolve larger parts of the issue quickly. For couples, intensives can be great for increasing therapy momentum when there are high levels of relationship distress. This can be an ideal option for those with on call schedules, childcare challenges or difficulty taking time off from work or life responsibilities each week. 

Services Offered at Becoming Counseling

We offer individual therapy, teen therapy, and couples therapy services, as well as intensive therapy for individuals and couples.


Teen Counseling. Counselors who know about the modern day struggles teens face and have the relationship building skills to develop a positive therapeutic relationship with your child. It's normal for a teen to be excited about counseling, reluctant to begin the process, or anywhere in between. The relationship between the therapist and the teen is the most important indicator of a positive outcome in counseling. The experience and skills our therapists bring to the process help move the teen forward in meeting the goals most relevant to them. 

Individual Counseling. We know that different people need different things from counseling. Our therapists take time to hear from individuals about what will make the counseling process worth it to them. They then develop an individualized, agreed upon plan that provides a roadmap for moving forward and reaching the goals identified for counseling. A consistent, reliable relationship with a therapist can be profound in the lives of those who seek counseling and we consider it an honor to walk alongside you as you work to regain balance and meaning in your life.  


Couples Counseling. We value a couple spending time in the same counseling space, working on a shared set of goals and experiencing research-based interventions to improve their relationship. Even if you have been unsuccessful at navigating conversations around difficult topics in the past, our highly skilled therapist can provide you the space you need to de-escalate conflict and work on meeting the needs of your relationship. Relationships are not one size fits all and our approach works for couples facing a wide variety of issues. 


Individual Counseling for Relationship Difficulties. We also know that at times individuals have a partner who is unwilling to participate in the couples counseling process. It may be a helpful step for the partner who is interested in services to seek out services individually if they feel dissatisfied with their relationship. It is our belief that even one partner changing behavior patterns in the relationship can cause both partners to have to function in new, helpful ways in the relationship.


Intensive Counseling Services. We consider intensive work the future of therapy and prioritize having this work as an option for clients. Your schedule being busy shouldn't be a reason for not being able to seek services and intensive work can be effective and powerful way to focus in on problem areas in your life and find relief. 

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