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It's normal to have questions about the counseling process. We designed this page to place frequently asked questions all together for easy access.

Are your counselors able to help me get medication or an evaluation? 

A common need for people who are seeking counseling services is to obtain a medication evaluation or evaluations for ADHD or other diagnosis that may require accommodations in different settings. Becoming Counseling does not currently provide these services, but our therapists are equipped to provide referrals to professionals we collaborate often with in the community. 


Do you accept insurance at your counseling practice?

Becoming Counseling is currently a self-pay practice. Our therapists are considered Out of Network (OON) Providers with major insurance companies. We are happy to walk you through the steps required to check with your insurance provider to see about any out of network benefits you may have access to. 


Are there any benefits to being at a self pay practice?

Absolutely! Our favorite benefit is the ability to switch up the length of sessions and frequency whenever that is clinically helpful. Our therapists enjoy the flexibility that being a self-pay practice provides them and their clients. Also, we like the payment transparency that comes with making payments as your attend sessions and not having any "surprise" bills come from insurance companies. 


What is an LPC Associate counselor?

LPC Associate therapists are licensed in the state of Texas. They have completed a Master's Degree in Counseling or a related field and have taken additional tests to obtain a LPC Associate license in Texas. Texas requires 3,000 additional hours following a graduate degree in counseling so LPC Associates are working under the supervision of another clinician called a LPC Supervisor as they work toward these 3,000 hours. Rates for LPC Associates can be lower, but it is still possible to have a great counseling experience because many LPC Associates have excellent clinical experiences that allow them to help clients meet their goals and develop a positive, supportive relationship.  


I am the parent of a teen starting counseling services. How much involvement will I get in my teen's counseling services. 

As a parent, you are most likely a great resource for your teen as they begin the counseling process. You can expect to be present at your child's first counseling appointment and to help by completing paperwork that will help the therapist get to know your child. It is also possible that the clinician will ask you to attend a Parent Session near the beginning of therapy to open up communication with you. This will be balanced with older teens need for confidentiality in the counseling process. We discuss this with you and your teen at the initial intake session and come to an agreement about communication everyone can feel comfortable with. 

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