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Virtual Therapy for Teens

Even if you come from a great family, have good friendships and you do okay in school, being a teen today has unique challenges for even the most well adjusted youth. Social media, friendship issues, school related stressors, mood challenges, and family stress can create the perfect storm for anxiety and depression symptoms to emerge.


Participating in counseling for teens online allows you to be met in a space that feels safe and understanding. Our teen therapists help you make sense of your confusing and overwhelming experiences and find a healthy way to move forward in your life.  

Hanging Out Together

How Do I Know If I Need Teen Therapy? 

It's normal to not feel like yourself from time to time, but anxiety, depression and other mental health struggles as a teenager also make life feel more difficult that it needs to be.  Many teens seek therapy once they feel off balance, are exhausted, can't keep up with their schedule or relationships, or experience a crisis. Our teen counselors are here to help you find your stability again when life gets too overwhelming and you start to feel stressed. As you work with our teen therapists virtually, you can focus on the goals that matter to you and work alongside a skilled therapist who can meet your unique needs. 

What to expect from teen therapy

What you can expect from our therapy for teens is the ability to access services from the comfort of your own home. Your counselor will take time to get to know you and then work with you to find solutions that help make your life feel better. Even if your feelings are overwhelming and all-consuming for you or the people that love you, our counselors are skills at working with you in those difficult emotional spaces. They will help you and your support system  understand what you need, how to feel better, and how to thrive during this important time in your life. 


How will I be different after attending therapy?


Your teen years are supposed to be a time of figuring out who you are what you are all about. We consider it an honor to be a supportive person in your life helping you do that. Teen counselors can help you manage your mental health and stress so that you can do the important work of just being a teen. Sometimes it's too much to carry alone, but having a team of people that care about you can help make the load a little lighter and give you space to make decisions that are right for you. 

Our teen counselors specialize in helping

  •  Teens with low self-esteem

  • Teens who are coming out of inpatient care 

  • Teens with academic, learning & behavioral difficulties

  • Teens with difficult family, peer or romantic relationships

  • Teens struggling with relationship betrayals

  •  Teens with anxiety or depression symptoms

  • Teens with grief and loss issues

Who else can attend counseling with my teen?

If someone is an important member of your support system, it may be helpful to have them attend your teen counseling with you. Family members, caregivers, and sometimes siblings are often invited to attend counseling services when you are a teenager. The first session, your parent or caregiver will attend with you for at least part of the session. In future sessions, you and your caregiver can determine the frequency of them coming to sessions with you. It's not unusual for teens to attend many sessions by themselves.


Teens typically benefit from time and space alone with a therapist to sort their emotional experiences and be guided on determining what they need going forward. We encourage you to talk to your therapist about any support people you think could benefit from joining you in counseling. 

Mindy Bell, MS, LPC-S specializes in serving teens and their families in Waco, TX

Are you ready to schedule with Mindy Bell, MS, LPC? 

Mindy has spent over a decade supporting teens and their caregivers. She currently offers services in the evenings and on Saturday mornings. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation with Mindy or an intake session with Mindy in our online scheduling system to start therapy services now. 

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