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Therapy for Teens

Even if you come from a great family, have good friendships and you do okay in school, being a teen today has unique challenges for even the most well adjusted youth. Social media, friendship issues, school related stressors and family stress can create the perfect storm for anxiety and depression symptoms to emerge and our counselors are here to meet you in a space that feels safe and understanding. 

Hanging Out Together

It's normal to not feel like yourself from time to time, but it can also make you feel really off balance. Our counselors are here to help you find your balance again when life gets too overwhelming and you start to feel stressed. Our counselors focus on the goals that matter to you and work alongside you to meet your unique needs. 

What you can expect from therapy is the ability to access services from the comfort of your own home. Your counselor will take time to get to know you and then work with you to find solutions that help make your life feel better. Even if your feelings are overwhelming and all-consuming for you or the people that love you, our counselors are skills at working with you in those difficult emotional spaces and helping you understand them better. 


Your teen years are supposed to be a time of figuring it all out. We consider it an honor to be a supportive person in your life helping you do that. Sometimes it's too much to carry alone, but having a team of people that care about you can help make the load a little lighter. 

Our counselor specialize in helping teens with:

- Low Self-Esteem

- Life Transition Stress

- Academic Difficulties

- Behavioral Difficulties 

- Difficult Family Relationships

- A Family Member with Substance Abuse Issues

- Anxiety or Depression Symptoms

- Grief and Loss Issues

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