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Break Free From Your Past with EMDR Intensives

Want to prioritize your mental health in half the time and work towards getting your life back? EMDR Intensive therapy is a worthwhile, evidence-based therapeutic intervention that can help give you the momentum you need to work towards positive, lasting change in your life. Heralded by celebrities like Prince Harry, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Dorit Kemsley, Sandra Bullock, Brie Larson, and Evan Rachel Woods, EMDR has been utilized by Hollywood and in everyday therapists' offices as a life changing approach to help those suffering from symptoms of PTSD like anger, isolation, fear, avoidance, flashbacks, and nightmares of trauma.

How do you know if EMDR Therapy might be a good fit for you? When a traumatic or upsetting event is occurring, memories don't always get stored away in memory the way we need them to. A great way to think of this is like a filing cabinet (your memory storage area of your brain) that can't shut because files (traumatic or upsetting memories) are out of place. Since these files (memories) aren't organized and are sticking up in the cabinet, they create issues in the present (often PTSD symptoms, depression or anxiety). EMDR therapy essentially is taking these files and ensuring that they are stored away in the right place. You can get to them if you need them in the future, but they also won't prevent you from going about your day by intruding in the present. If you have been feeling stuck in any areas of your life, EMDR therapy may help you by getting you and your memories "unstuck" so that you feel equipped to move forward in your life in a healthy way again.

The benefit of an EMDR Intensive is the focused time on a specific event, memory, negative belief or area of your life that feels stuck. This focused time occurs in longer sessions blocked off by your therapist for intensive counseling work. Whereas normal 50 minute therapy sessions might take you a few months to work through one identified memory or focus area, intensives give you the potential to shorten that timeline, experiencing relief faster. At Becoming Counseling, for example, clients have the potential for 2, 4 or 6 hour intensive sessions. Furthermore, for those who find making time for weekly counseling services challenging due to childcare, work schedules or other life constraints it can feel more feasible to block off time for one afternoon as opposed to many months of weekly or biweekly sessions. Clinicians who offer EMDR Intensives appreciate the flexibility Intensive work provides clients who find traditional scheduling options difficult.

Ready to find out more? Becoming Counseling is proud to offer EMDR Intensive Sessions virtually in Texas. Reach out to to learn more, call 254-545-1362, or visit our website at 

The EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) is another great resource to learn more about EMDR and to find Certified EMDR Therapists where you live. Check out for more information.

  Ashton Fisher Jimenez, M.S., LPC-S

                          Therapist at Becoming Counseling & Clinical Supervision, PLLC

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