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Couples Counseling

Ashton Jimenez, M.S., LPC-S
EMDR Certified Therapist
Gottman Trained Therapist
Emotionally Focused Trained Therapist

Real Relationships. Real Solutions.

Remember that moment at the beginning of your relationship when you just knew that you were meant to be with your partner? You had a dream and a vision of a life that you could create together and you were ready for it. 

That vision is still possible. I know that can be hard to believe once the internal stressors of the relationship start to wear on you and the external stressors of life start to push in, but you don't have to do it alone. Becoming Counseling is here to help. 

At Becoming Counseling, we know what successful, satisfied couples do to create healthy, thriving relationships and we also know what leads couples into relationship patterns and behaviors that take them further away from that vision they had of what a happy, fulfilling relationship would be for them.


You're feeling lost, but there is way to make sense of what is happening in your relationship. Schedule an intake appointment with us now and start re-building your relationship now. 


Areas of Expertise

Marital Counseling
Premarital Counseling
Communication Issues
Relationship Betrayals
Young Adult
Trauma Recovery 
Post-Abortion Recovery
Religious Trauma
Grief and Loss

We Cater Our Approach to You

At Becoming Counseling, key differences in the couples counseling process make all the difference in outcomes following services. Your relationships may feel out of control, but your counseling experience shouldn't. 

Have you felt the following in your relationships?

               - Frustrated by the patterns of communication you and
                 your partner engage in with one another

               - Like you are "stuck", unable to move toward a healthier                   way of functioning

               - Lonely, like the things you do to try to connect don't

               - Like you are moving in two different directions, unable
                 to create shared meaning or goals

               - Unsuccessful in remaining connected as you navigate
                 changes in your relationship (maybe the birth of a new
                 baby, extended family stressors, career changes,
                 health issues, ect.)

All relationships are impacted by stress, changes, and difficult communication. At Becoming Counseling we help you assess the cycle of communication that keeps you stuck, assist you in finding new ways to stay connected without letting your cycle impact your relationship, and restore your relationship to healthy functioning. Without intervention, difficulties can be difficult to understand and navigate. With intervention, couples and individuals are capable of returning to healthy functioning and closeness in their relationships. 


Help Me Choose.

Couples Counseling. Individual Counseling. Skill-Building Workshops.

We offer individual and couples therapy services, as well as group workshops for couples.


Couples Counseling. We value a couple spending time in the same counseling space, working on a shared set of goals and learning research-based skills to improve their relationship. Even if you have been unsuccessful at navigating conversations around difficult topics in the past, our highly skilled therapist can provide you the space you need to de-escalate conflict and work on meeting the needs of your relationship. Relationships are not one size fits all and our approach works for couples facing a wide variety of issues. 


Individual Counseling. We also know that at times individuals have a partner who is unwilling to participate in the couples counseling process. It may be a helpful step for the partner who is interested in services to seek out services individually if they feel dissatisfied with their relationship. It is our belief that even one partner changing behavior patterns in the relationship can cause both partners to have to function in new, helpful ways in the relationship.


Couples Workshops. Couples workshops can be a great fit for romantic partners to engage in before starting couples therapy or as an alternative option to couples therapy as they provide time and space for you and your partner to learn research-based relationship skills that romantic partners in the healthiest relationships utilize regularly. Create a shared language for communication in your relationship by joining our next workshop. 


Get Started Now

Have questions or feeling ready to get started? We work hard to respond to requests within 24 business hours or next business day if it is a holiday or weekend. Contact us to learn more about current availability and options for accessing services at this time. 



4300 W. Waco Drive #187 Waco, TX 76710

Tel: 254-545-1362

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