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Ashton Jimenez

M.S., LPC-S, EMDR Certified Therapist,
Gottman Trained Therapist

Relationships can be difficult. Let us help. 

Sometimes we are trying so hard to connect with our partner and we just seem to be missing the mark. We're stressed, unhappy, and know that what we've been doing isn't working to make the relationship more enjoyable. Maybe your relationship has experienced a betrayal, heightened conflict, or difficulties navigating transitions in the relationship like beginning parenting. Perhaps past trauma history experienced by one or both partners prevents communication in the relationship from being healthy. Maybe we are just unsatisfied in a relationship we used to enjoy and barely recognize ourselves, our partner, or what used to be the best parts of our relationship.


We find ourselves talking to our co-workers, friends, family, and even social media asking for advice but end up still feeling alone and ineffective at managing our relationship crisis at the end of the day. It's difficult to admit that we could use an outside perspective, but once we do we can begin the process of gaining helpful skills that have been proven to work to help couples navigate even the most stressful relationship issues. Counseling can provide you with the space to identify your relationship needs, learn important relationship skills to support communication, and provide a space to realign you and your partners short and long-term goals. At Becoming Counseling, we help couples and individuals learn to work through past relationship betrayals and hurts, improve communication skills, and increase enjoyment and connectedness in their relationship by utilizing highly effective, research based interventions.   


Areas of Expertise

Marital and Premarital 
Communication Issues
Relationship Betrayals
Trauma Recovery 
Post-Abortion Recovery
Religious Trauma
Grief and Loss
Young Adult

Can couples counseling help me?

At Becoming Counseling, key differences in the couples counseling process make all the difference in outcomes following services. Your relationships may feel out of control, but your counseling experience shouldn't. 





What you can expect in couples counseling: 


        Incorporation of research-based Gottman Method assessments, 

        principles, and techniques into your therapy sessions


        Extended intake sessions scheduled with appropriate time frames

        to allow both partners to develop a relationship with their

        counselor and share their current relationship needs


        Convenient online assessments at the start of counseling with a

        customized report identifying strengths and weaknesses currently

        present in the relationship 

        Utilization of a variety of skill-building resources specific to

        improving couple relationships to meet your relationship's unique

        needs and help ensure you receive services customized to you and

        your partner's challenge areas


        A collaborative relationship with your professional counselor to

        ensure that you and your partner get a say in the areas of the

        relationship you want to prioritize during your time in counseling


Services Designed to Meet Relationship Needs

Couples Counseling. Individual Counseling. Skill-Building Workshops.

We offer individual and couples therapy services, as well as group workshops for couples. We value a couple spending time in the same counseling space, working on a shared set of goals and learning research-based skills to improve their relationship. Even if you have been unsuccessful at navigating conversations around difficult topics in the past, our highly skilled therapist can provide you the space you need to de-escalate conflict and work on meeting the needs of your relationship. 


We also know that at times individuals have a partner who is unwilling to participate in the couples counseling process. It may be a helpful step for the partner who is interested in services to seek out services individually if they feel dissatisfied with their relationship. It is our belief that even one partner changing behavior patterns in the relationship can cause both partners to have to function in new, helpful ways in the relationship.


Couples workshops can be a great fit for romantic partners to engage in before starting couples therapy or as an alternative option to couples therapy as they provide time and space for you and your partner to learn research-based relationship skills that romantic partners in the healthiest relationships utilize regularly. Create a shared language for communication in your relationship by joining our next workshop. 


Contact Me

Have questions or feeling ready to get started? We work hard to respond to requests within 24 business hours or next business day if it is a holiday or weekend. Contact us to learn more about current availability and options for accessing services at this time. 


4300 W. Waco Drive #187 Waco, TX 76710

Tel: 254-545-1362

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